Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Z is for Zombie


Is it just me or has Zombie fiction become a 'thing' recently? With the Walking Dead in it's various incarnations (TV show, comic, game) being hot topic, it seems that I'm seeing zombies absolutely everywhere.

But I've also been seeing them cropping up in books too. We had the rather bizarre Pride and Prejudice and Zombies that retold the classic romantic epic as if the world was being terrorised by the undead. I've also been seeing the Newsflesh Trilogy popping up in a lot of book bloggers. World War Z was also a novel.

And then of course we have Warm Bodies. A very jarring account of a Zombies regression back into human form because of the love he experiences towards the female protagonist. Overall, it's a good, short book. But there is a resounding feeling of unease throughout it as you never feel quite okay with the fact that, you know, he's dead. Or at least, was dead.

Surely, Zombies belong on the screen (big and small) not in books? The terror from the animated corpses and the fast paced action of trying to survive life in a post-apocalyptic zombie world is a dish that's better served up in a visual respect?

The only book about Zombies that I've read is Warm Bodies, and I imagine that it's unique as it's written from the POV of the Zombie.

Do you think Zombies books work as novels? Or are the better left up to the screen?

Sarah x

p.s. I can't believe I made the month! *dies* Oh no wait, I don't have time for dying. Final Uni exams in 3 weeks. EEP. * resurrects* Wait... does that mean I'm a zombie now?


  1. Cell by Stephen King = a great zombie book. Of sorts.

  2. I just don't "get" zombies. I'm ready for this particular fad to be over. Vampires... yes. Zombies... not for me. They're not scary unless they're fast... and if they're fast, they're not zombies! So they're stuck in a paradox.

    I did enjoy reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies... because I enjoy witty humor.


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