Tuesday, 9 April 2013

H is for Historical

Whoops, this is a bit late but I got an iPhone today and most of the day has been taken up with:

Anyway! Yes, I love Historical fiction. I am a big fan of Phillipa Gregory and Elizabeth Chadwick. I'm also partial to Ken Follet's historical works (Pillars of the Earth, World without End, Winter of the world) though only in audiobook format because man those books are huge! I have had some fiction set in Ancient Egypt languishing on my shelves for a few years by Wilbur Smith. Maybe this summer is the summer I'll get around to reading them finally!

From a writing point of view though, my opinion on historical fiction is a bit less positive. As you can probably tell by this 10pm post, I'm quite lazy. Fact checking has never and will probably never be a strength of mine. I'll stick to Fantasy and paranormal where I can make up my own rules and no-one can tell me otherwise!

Do you like historical fiction, or do you prefer to live in the present? 

Sarah x


  1. I really love reading historical fiction, and could see myself writing in it at some point in time, but probably from a time travel ish perspective.

    And happy iphone dance - you will never be the same again :)

  2. I really dig Regency romances (love me some Georgette Heyer), but I don't reckon I could ever write one. I'm more like you, interested in making my fictional worlds what I want them to be. Also, I'm equally lazy. :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  3. Historical fiction does take loads of research and time. I have a friend who writes historical fiction, if that's what you like to read. Her name is Cheri Lasota and her novel is Artimus Rising. It was a pretty good read, and historical isn't my favorite genre, typically.

  4. I like to read it, and I write Scottish historical romance, so I do a lot of research. But I also like action/adventure and romantic suspense.

  5. I love historical fiction, too! Thanks for the author suggestions! (-:



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