Thursday, 11 April 2013

J is for Jokes

I really mean humorous fiction but I already had a H and didn't have a J. We all have to make special allowances during the A-Z.

Yes, humour. For me I don't seek out the funny books. They're mostly just happy accidents. Or small funny snippets inside other more drama focused stories.

I usually spend my time in the romance, paranormal and fantasy sections of bookstores. Contemporary is something that I don't usually read, though I have made a few exceptions. John Green's books are one example. Those can't be called humourous books, but I've definitely come across some laugh out loud moments. Also, I do remember laughing at a few times at Anna and the French Kiss.

I've been told (by my mother, so its no big deal) that the humour I try to weave into my books works quite well. Here's a little fanfiction exert that she liked.
Tamina screeched with rage and kicked a mound of sand at him. She turned on her heels and stormed off into the darkness.
"Where are you going?" he called after her as he brushed sand off himself with an irritated flick of his hand.
"To find a stick," she yelled back.
"What for? We've plenty of firewood to do the night!"
"So I can beat you with it!
You be the judge. It's not as funny as I remember it, but maybe thats because it was a long time ago.

I seem to find characters being 'sassy' very humourous. I just love Tyrions lines in the Game Of Thrones series. Peter Dinklage just delivers them perfectly. Also, after watching the Beautiful Creatures movie I really liked the back and forth between Lena and Ethan, but as I began to read the book I found that it was missing/wasn't as strong and was disappointed.

Do you seek out the humour, or is it a happy accident when you come across a story that weaves it in amongst other stuff?

Sarah x


  1. I love reading funny stuff, but yeah, it comes more on accident.

  2. I like humour in a story. It's much like the comic relief one experiences in the best plays and it works. For me, humour and repartee is a pleasant 'hah' experience and I do enjoy it.


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