Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Don't break the Chain!

After the A-Z challenge I almost forgot about the IWSG. 

So I didn't have anything prepared, so forgive me if this is a little light on content! 

There's something called 'Don't break the chain'. Basically, the theory behind it is that if you do something that you find difficult (exercise is one that people commonly attempt!) and if you do it for a certain length of time without taking a day off, then it becomes much easier. 

I've shown that I can do the 30 day A-Z challenge, so I'm going to challenge myself once my University exams are over at the end of May to write for 30 days. It doesn't matter what, or how much, but to write something, every day, for a month. 

One of my biggest insecurities is that I'm never actually going to finish anything, despite all the 'wonderful' ideas that I have buzzing around in my brain. Hopefully this little exercise (in June, my exams finish 28th May) will help the writer juice start flowing again that University has all but sucked me dry of. 

Sarah x