Saturday, 3 March 2012

Music To Write To : Lady Antebellum

So this week's segment on music that inspires me to write focuses on the contemporary country band - Lady Antebellum

Now in the last post I focussed on a particular album, because for that group, their latest album was very different from anything they'd ever done before, and that was why I liked it. However, for Lady Antebellum, so far their music has been pretty consistent in that modern American country music style that has been made popular by the likes of Taylor Swift, Martina McBride, and of course Lady Antebellum.

They're all subtly different, and I find that Lady Antebellum hits the perfect chord for me, where as Martina and Taylor sometimes just fall short!

Genres suitable for: Contemporary, Romance

Personal highlights: Need You Now, Something 'Bout A Woman, We Owned The Night, Just A Kiss

One of my house mates introduced me to Lady Antebellum just before Christmas and I fell in love because at that point I was working on a contemporary YA romance and it suited perfectly! 

Their songs just remind me of summer, and the sound of your typical 'contemporary teen romance' movie. Quite a few of their songs have this bright, happy, hopeful sound that just fits perfectly with everything you feel when you're starting out on a relationship with someone.

This song captures what I've just said perfectly.

What do you think of Lady Antebellum? 

So that's it for another segment. I'll be doing a review of what I read in February in my next blog post, so be ready for some book reviews! 

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