Saturday, 3 January 2015

Top 5 books I read in 2014

I'm doing these posts a little retroactively but it's still January so meh.

Again, no particular order. No. 1 wasn't my favourite, they're all equal top.

1. The Lies Of Locke Lamora 

Oh my goodness was this book fun. I got the audio book version because I find with Fantasy it's easier to have someone else butcher the place names and character names. The characters that Scott Lynch has created leap out at you and grab you. I vividly remember starting listening to this book while out on a walk in the forest and laughing out loud, then having to check that I didn't just look deranged to any fellow walkers.

The humour is it's main attraction but boy can this guy tell a good story. Heartbreaking at times, you'll know what I mean if you've read it yourself.

2. Saga

2014 became the year that I decided to read more graphic novels. The Saga series had popped up around the blog world and I decided it would be where I started my graphic novel journey. I'm so glad that I did. I can vividly remember burying my nose in this on the way home from a trip into London on the train and having it completely devoured by the time the train pulled into my station.

The world(s) that have been created here are so vivid and amazing, thrown together with a Romeo and Juliet-esq plot that completely doesn't ever go where you think it's going to go. There are also some completely infuriating twists and cliff-hangers thrown in.

3. Where She Went 

I can't vividly remember why I loved this book so much. The characters perhaps, or the emotions that I felt but I do remember reading it in one sitting and clutching onto it for some time after. I cried, I laughed. This and If I Stay are quite an amazing duology and I'm so glad that I picked them both up.

4. Fangirl

There are so many reasons why this book was amazing. First, Fanfiction has been such a big part of my life. It's where I started writing, and I've even gotten life long friends and such a whack of confidence out of it. I would dread to think where I'd be if I'd never written any Fanfiction. Secondly, this book really hits home because I also felt like a fish out of water at College (University here). I barely left my room and was almost afraid to have fun. Why? I've no idea.

The plot points, Cath and her mother, her relationship with Wren and the romance with Levi are also so wonderfully told.

5. Daughter Of Smoke and Bone

This book, although I struggled with names, paints such a vivid picture. The descriptions in this book are glorious and leap off the page. The 'romance' is neither here nor there for me, but it was such a captivating read that I'm going to gloss over it. I will get around to the next part sometime this year.

What were your favourite books of 2014?

Sarah x

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