Thursday, 22 January 2015

Bookshelf Update

I moved last year. I don't know if I've talked about it yet or not... 

(Protip, that's sarcasm. You'll see a lot of it here. You can take the girl out of Ireland but you can't take the Ireland out of the girl.)

Although I lived in other houses while at Uni, my main port of call was still my bedroom in my parents house. As far as I can recall this is the most recent picture of my bookshelves before I started packing most of them away into boxes.

That bookshelf is the main reason that I needed two cars to move my stuff from Ireland to England. I don't envy book bloggers, who generally have twice or three times the books that I have, who have to move house. There were some notable books that I left, like the Twilight series. As I've said before, it was probably what got me into reading big time when I was a teenager, but I honestly can't see myself re-reading the series anytime soon, if ever. There are also some pretty large books that I decided to leave at the parents house. But I'm confident they will make their way over at some point.

Having my own place, with multiple rooms has allowed me to make more of a display out of my books. So off to IKEA I went with mother and picked up two of their cheapest bookcases. It worked out quite well that the colour of wood throughout my apartment is the same as the cheapest bookcase (£15) that IKEA had. I later went back for a third when it transpired that I needed extra shelves for the miscellaneous items and work for school.

Here is the result:

My bookcase is the centrepiece of my living room. You can see my TV and printer just out of shot to the right. I really enjoy having a large bookcase and I really enjoy having a large amount of books. Even though I didn't take every book with me, the collection has grown somewhat since leaving Ireland. What can I say? I have a problem with buying books. 

It's always brings me joy every morning when I walk into my living room with my bowl of cereal and my cup of tea to be greeted with this sight. Though, I am anxious that I will soon run out of room... again. I'll have to start giving some books away if that happens, though I find that very difficult as there is a part of me that just likes owning books.

What is your bookshelf arrangement?

Sarah x

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  1. Moving is such a bummer! I had 4 tall bookshelves crammed with books. Unable to bring them with me, I donated basically all of them. It was so heartbreaking! I keep telling myself that as long as other people are enjoying them then it isn't a loss.


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