Monday, 26 January 2015

January Haul

It was to be expected that I would partake of the January sales. Especially when it come to books.

For those of you in the UK there is a wonderful book shop online called the Book People. They never have a huge range of titles, but the saving are always incredible and there is free postage on any order over £25.

So I decided to help myself to some of the clearance books and this is what I bought.

Important to note; there was an extra book here, a large textbook that I've brought into my classroom already so couldn't be photographed. 

I am excited to get to all of these at some point throughout the year. The ones that stand out here are Rose Under Fire. It took me a good while to get into Code Name Verity, but when it kicked off the book was amazing and I have really high hopes for Rose. I'm also going to marathon the Chaos Walking trilogy now that I have the final book. I'll probably take one of my holidays to do that one. 

I also bought some really good books on the Kindle that were on offer or that I used vouchers for. I have Amazon Prime, and I really like the feature they offer that if you don't want the next day delivery you can opt for a normal delivery and get £1 of Kindle credit.


Given how much I read in a year, this will keep me going until the summer knowing me. I need to stop buying so many before I read them.

What did you buy in January?

Sarah x

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