Saturday, 2 February 2013

Does anyone actually write any more?


So today I decided to handwrite my blog, because...well... handwriting stuff is becoming a bit of a dying art.

I apologise in advance for any spelling mistakes because IRL there is no spell checker (unless you count a dictionary but I'm lazy and that involves getting up, plus I don't notice usually when I spell things wrongly.)

How often do you handwrite things? Do you handwrite the outline of blog posts, or the outline of a story?

For me, I tend to write down ideas but I have so many notebooks lying around that there are snippets and ideas scattered incoherently throughout many different notebooks.

Sometimes I also work on my stories (including fanfiction) in long hand. Usually it happens when I'm on the train going to and from University or when I find my fingers ineffectively hovering over the keyboard, unable to think of what to write, that's when I turn back to pen and paper. Usually, I find a few sit down sessions with a pen and not a keyboard will kick my brain back into gear.

How often do you, if at all, actually write your stories? I find my best productiveness in a mix of the two, but I do know that some of you swear by either the pen or the keyboard exclusively.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made a comment on my last post. I had such a great response and lots of suggestions and ideas to get me back into writing and blogging. I've got some wonderful new followers and as a result found some more blogs to follow myself. So thank-you to everyone who read and commented on my last post.

(I will type this out also, in case you can't read my writing!)

Sarah x

p.s. I've realised some grammatical errors in the post because I was just writing candidly and not reading back and correcting sentences. I think I got my general point across though!


  1. I used to do this once in a while for fun, but it's been FAAAAR too long ;-)

  2. It depends on the project for me; some things end up written out longhand and some get typed. I find that handwriting can be better (you can't go back and edit much, and then you have an easy opportunity to redraft when typing it up), but I don't swear by either.

  3. It really just depends. I am really paranoid about people reading my writing (even though I know no one probably cares), so I made up a code and would handwrite in that for a while. Then I had some notebooks that I would carry around everywhere. The best thing about writing things out longhand is that you can pull out your book and pencil anywhere and just jot something down.

    It's also helpful for the people who constantly want to edit stuff (like me). Handwriting gives you permission to write rough and not worry about it.

  4. This made me smile because I do EXACTLY the same thing. I write sometimes by hand, sometimes typed straight into the computer, but whenever I find myself stuck when typing, I revert to writing by hand and usually find my stride again. I am also guilty of having dozens of notebooks with little snippets. It's funny, really, because just this afternoon I dug out half a dozen of my old notebooks in search of something I KNEW I had written, but did not know where or what I had done with it. I found it, and a few other things I'd forgotten I had even written, but it did take me flipping through all six notebooks to do so. I really really like the idea of writing a blog post by hand, though. I may have to do that sometime!

  5. I write by hand for work as all the clients files are paper files not electronic so I still write quite a bit. I personally prefer typing as I can type quicker than I can write but I still prefer handwriting when I'm writing something personal like in my art pad or letters and cards.


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