Monday, 4 February 2013

January in Books

In an attempt to be a more prolific blogger, I'm going to write about about what I've read in each respective month.

I'm not a book blog, and I'm not trying to be a book blog. However, reading is just as important as writing because, well... how else are we going to learn? (I'm paraphrasing John Green at this point) I'm not much of a reviewer, so prepare for vague and un-spoilery reviews that will probably only tell you if I liked or did not like the book

Taadaa. This is what I read in January:

1. Hate List

There is no other way to describe this except that this book touched me. It explores guilt in a wonderful and (rightly so) troubling way. I found myself constantly questioning the reactions of the characters in the books and whether or not I would respond in the same way myself, with the conclusion that I don't know. It made me think and above all made me feel. 

2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I wanted to read this before I saw the movie. For a start, I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would because of all the hype that I've seen about it. The voice that it's narrated in is odd and it took me a few chapters to really get comfortable with reading it. When you get to the end, I suppose the 'big reveal' shows you why Charlie is the way he is... but I'm just not entirely sure how I felt about this book.

3. Insurgent

I had seen very mixed reviews of the sequel to the huge hit that was Divergent, so I was apprehensive of how I was going to find Insurgent. I wasn't disappointed, but it didn't excite me as much as the first one does. 2nd books rarely live up to their predecessor so from that viewpoint I was satisfied. One thing that did bug me was that it very much feels that it should be read immediately after Divergent. I read Divergent last April and so I had forgotten quite a few minor details and characters and felt that for the sake of a few sentences of re-introduction, I was left confused for quite a portion of the book.

4. Poison Study

A thoroughly enjoyable story. I liked the world building and the characters. I would love to continue the series if it wasn't for the horrible reviews I've seen about the other two books... if I can get them as library books I might consider it.

5. An Abundance of Katherines

My new 2nd favourite John Green book. I enjoyed this one much better than I did LFA or PT, but not as much as TFIOS. Perhaps because the main female character isn't as 'messed up' as Alaska or Margo. On the flip side of that, perhaps it doesn't have the same sort of 'statement' to make but heck not all books have to make you sit back and re-analyse the world!
I've seen a few comments floating around that John Green books are 'all the same' because all the teens are smart and quirky. But heck, if you have a formula that has worked in the past, why the heck not keep it like that? And with a guy that's appeared as much on best seller lists as John Green, he's obviously got it right.

Here's to what February throws at me!

Sarah x

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