Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Any time, anywhere?

I was writing earlier today. No big deal, just scribbling away in my notebook. The thing was... I was in a lecture, and should have been listening and learning about Viral infections.

It gave me a good idea for a blog post. As writers, we always like to write, no matter the time or place.

Here are some of my examples:

1. In lectures - Like today. Generally I'm a pretty poor student in lectures. After almost 3 years of University I find it quite hard to concentrate on my lectures. By now, I've worked out who you need to listen to, and who puts everything that you need in the notes that they give you. So, if we get someone who has good notes, out comes either the notebook or the iPod touch and some Temple Run.

2. At work - I've only ever had two proper 'jobs'. From I was 14-17 I worked as a babysitter for a family friend. I sat two boys, two nights a week, and on Saturday during the day. When they were watching TV, or napping, out came the notebook and I was writing. The second job I had I worked in a store that sells a bit of everything from when I was 17-18. Because of the ever present managers and customers it was much harder to write. Though when the store was quiet I still managed to jot down ideas that came to me on the receipt paper!

3. At school - At school they used to give us study periods around exam time. Mostly I had finished all my major exams but still had study periods because other students with other subjects still had exams to do. I wrote then too. Sometimes even when I didn't have exams finished, I usually rewarded a hard day's revision with a bit of writing.

So where have you written before in a place that might be a little out of the ordinary? Or maybe, like me, you've been so consumed with the urge that you've done it at a time when you probably shouldn't have been doing it?

Sarah x

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