Monday, 28 January 2013

A Re-introduction

So today (I almost forgot, oops!) is the blogfest "Please allow me to re-introduce yourself".

When I saw this floating around the blog-o-sphere a while ago, I couldn't not sign up! It just seemed the perfect door back into blogging after such a long absence!

So, what's changed since we last spoke?

Well, today I handed in my Thesis for my degree in Biomedical Science. It has been a hellish 4 months, and probably one of the main reason for my absence.

Also, I've applied to do my post graduate degree in teaching next year. Sometime over the summer I had one of those 'revelation' moments. I'd been beating myself up over careers and job prospects and nothing that my Biomedical degree allowed me to do was interesting me any more (backed up by how much I did not enjoy my research project and thesis). People have always told me that I'd be a really good teacher, that I have a knack for explaining things, but it was mostly my family and in my youthful folly, I decided that I didn't want to do what my family suggested. Now it seems that they knew my own mind better than I did! I spent a few days at the beginning of September, before I started back to University in my old High School, watching my Biology teacher, well, teach. He was my favourite teacher, and he has such a way of having fun with his students without losing their respect that he almost never has to get angry. Unfortunately  I haven't heard anything back about my application. They are currently doing interviews, so I'm hoping that I'll get word of an interview soon. I was stupid and only applied to one place, so I don't have a plan B!

In writing news, I've slipped back into old habits and found myself dipping my toes into the murky waters of fanfiction again. The immediate feedback that I get and the fact that I have a readership from the very first chapter I post makes it so much easier for me to write to know that people want to read what I'm writing. When I'm writing original stories, I don't have that feedback and I find it so easy to just give up. Does anyone else struggle like this? Perhaps I need a writing partner...

So, that's you caught up to date with my life so far! Riveting isn't it?

Sarah x


  1. Hey Sarah. Maybe you need to sign up with a writing group, or hook up with a writing buddy, where you can get feedback on your original stuff?
    You should sign up for the Insecure Writers Support Group, which is a very supportive online group of writers from all walks of life, beginners and published authors. You only have to post once a month. There are currently approximately 300 writers who have signed up for IWSG.
    Check it out at:
    Nice to meet you! KEEP WRITING and don't give up on your own original stuff!

  2. Fingers crossed that you get into your teaching course. Sometimes we don't figure out what we want to do until we've lived a bit!

    Further to Michelle's suggestion Falling For Fiction is a great blog run by five (I think?) awesome writers. They regularly do CP mixer posts which are a great place to find writing partners. Give them a follow:

    Good luck! I find writing anything is like fumbling in the dark. But it's great that there are loads of supportive people out there who will help.

  3. HI, Sarah,

    Nice to meet you. You do have a few things going on. Keep positive and you will get your interview. If for some strange reason you don't, just remember it wasn't meant and something more exciting is waiting for you. As for your writing, you definitely need to take a more active approach. There are MANY writers who would enjoy working with you. Start haunting the blogosphere. You'll find tons of critique partners and online writing groups. You just need to put yourself out there.

    It does take time and effort. If you want to REALLY submerge yourself in the blogosphere, DEFINITELY sign up for the A-Z Challenge next week. It is a challenge to post m-s in the month of April. You choose a theme and stick with it. Bloggers will drop by and you will get to know them through their writing as they will get to know you through yours. This is a GREAT way to meet writers with similar interests to yours. You will find we are a very kind, caring, and supportive group. BUT you need to take part in your journey, so we can get to know YOU!

    Here is the link to the challenge.

    I look forward to reading some of your writing.

  4. Hi Sarah! Oh my gosh, I started writing with fanfiction and I know that feeling all too well!! I completed three and a half novel length fanfictions (half because the site where I was posting got shut down halfway through)... and I still have yet to complete an original work, not for lack of starting them (I've got 5 works-in-progress). Good luck, too, with your teaching! I know what it feels like to have a degree that you suddenly realize you don't want to do anything with. So nice to meet you!! : ]

  5. Yeah, I get the same thing when trying to write; If there's no-one relying on you or waiting to read what you've written then it's stupidly easy to stop - the only writing project I've not given up that took more than a day was the webcomic I did with Rory, because I had them waiting on my writing so they could do the art (technically the project ended far from completion, but at least it wasn't beecause I stopped writing). I don't have anything to suggest to fix it, but the people above probably have you covered there :P Good luck with the interview!

  6. see, if you would have forgotten, i couldn't have been your newest follower!! i commend you for becoming a teacher, very very noble occupation :)

  7. Hi Sarah! Great to meet you!

    I've found that doing an outline first helps keep me on track with writing stories so I don't give up and hit a block. Doesn't mean you can't deviate from the outline, but it's more of a roadmap to keep your focus.

  8. Best of luck with becoming a teacher. It's one of the most important jobs anyone could have. I'm your newest follower!

  9. Congrats on submitting your thesis! It must feel like a weight has lifted.

    Nice to meet you and good luck with your teaching application.

  10. What a relief it must be to have submitted that thesis! No wonder you took a break from blogging-it's all about priorities, right?

    Finding a critique partner or group would probably be a good idea. The immediate feedback fanfiction generates is like a drug, isn't it? Hard to walk away from. Another option is to start with flash fiction. There are a number of challenges (Visual Dare, 5 Sentence Fiction, Tuesday Tales, to name a few) where participants post feedback on one anther's entries. Maybe after finishing a few flash pieces you'll be inspired to try something longer?

    Good luck with that interview!

  11. Nice to meet you Sarah! Sounds like you need to find a couple like-minded and reliable critique partners. They are not hard to locate if you put the word out you're looking! :)


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