Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Pssst... over here...

Okay, two blog posts in one day, not like me but I just have to point y'all in the direction of a most wonderful blog!

Susanna Hill  does a wonderful piece every Wednesday called "Would you read it wednesday" where people pitch their book ideas to her readers. It such a great idea and I decided to ask her if I could take part. She agreed and today is the turn of my current WIP 'Starstruck'.

I suffer from having too many plot ideas. Of course, I think all my ideas are amazing but I'm naturally a little biased, so I decided to see if this particular plot would interest other people!

Pop on over and have a read to see what you think!

I've read a few of the comments so far and I've already learned so much! I can't thank Susanna enough for allowing me to share my idea!

Sarah x

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