Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I'm Hearing Voices Blogfest - Dialogue Introduction

Post two of the I'm hearing voices blogfest!

First of all: Oh, my, goodness! I never expected such an AMAZING response from everyone! Thank you to everyone who commented on my post! Next time I see Nasreen, I'll tell her all how much you liked her, but as you can probably guess, she's not the easiest person to pin down!

I had to flick back through a few stories that I'd written until I found two characters who jumped up and grabbed me. I did eventually find some that were suitable and once I got them talking they couldn't stop so it's a tiny bit over the word count! But here are Alannah and Christian to introduce each other!

“Thanks Sarah! So, my name is Alannah…”

“No, sweetie, you’ve totally got the wrong idea about this. We have to introduce each other. I’ll go first. Specky-four-eyes over here is Alannah.”

“You have glasses too…”

“Yes but mine are fabulous. And don’t interrupt. She’s twenty two, and a reporter.”


“What did I say about interrupting? Ex-reporter, but technically everyone at that magazine was fired so it doesn’t count. She was born in Essen, in Germany. She’s a bit too shy for her own good, and clumsy. She is the funniest drunk you will ever see. Her hair is naturally blonde but she’s currently sporting a brunette ‘do because she thinks it makes her look more intelligent. It doesn’t.”

Okay. I think it’s my turn now. The loud-mouth over here is Christian. He’s twenty-three, obnoxious and most defiantly gay.”

“A regular bum-chum, but you should really say homosexual. It’s much more politically correct.”

Urgh, he’s also vulgar in case you can’t already tell.” 

“I’m not vulgar, I’m just telling it how it is!”

“Well stop. You’re going to scare away the readers. He’s always scaring away people. When we’re out on the town I can never get a guy because, believe it or not, Christian has a very overpowering presence.”

“As I always say, if he can’t stand the heat, then he better get out of the kitchen.”

“But they’re not in your kitchen, they’re in mine!”

“They’ve just never sampled my cuisine.

“I give up. I really do.”

“You’d never give me up, Lana, you wouldn’t know how to.”

“The sad thing is; he’s right. And I guess that's why we're best friends.”

“Aw, thank you sweetie. And despite the fact that your roots need done, I love you too!”

That's when they started arguing about how long you can reasonably leave between hair appointments. I don't even think they saw me leave...

Sarah x


  1. A bum-chum! Oooooh that's too much, but in a good way! I like them. Very funny.

  2. Still laughing! Never had his cuisine? Holy crap! I barked out so loud I scared the cat off my lap. :)

    This was great and I love the friendship here :)

    Still giggling!

  3. LOVED. IT!

    Amazing chemistry between them, and Christian is fabulous!

  4. Oh my god! That was hilarious. I loved it. Christian is a riot. And you can tell deep down their the best of friends.

    Excellent stuff!!

  5. Hilarious! And relatable. They each had their own voices too.

  6. Haha I really love this! I could totally picture this scene in my head!

    Nice to meet you, by the way! New follower :)

  7. So funny! I love their relationship!

  8. That is so much personality for two people :) And so funny! I bet they are fun to write. Great job!

  9. Oh my gosh this is amazing. So real. I can totally picture a few of my friends in these people ;)

    Great job! Loved it!

    *New follower!* So nice to *meet* you!

  10. Witty! I really enjoyed and just like Kelley it might remind me of a couple of people. It made me laugh out loud.


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