Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I've started writing again...

So, let it be said that I've started to write again.

I've always written. Ever since I was five and wrote my first ever story when I was on holidays about a bubble and everything it saw.

Then in my younger teens I discovered fanfiction. Oh what an era that was. May I add at this point that I never delved into the Slash aspect of fanfiction, but it nonetheless has scarred me for life.

I get so inspired by things I see and read and hear. I'm a huge music fan and I'm always getting ideas from films and TV and songs. I sometimes even get idea's from dreams!

I'm good at ideas. I've always got idea's springing up into my head, some bother me endlessly, while others are gone nearly as soon as I put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard in this day and age...).

So I've started a blog to see if I can use this to push myself forward to getting stuff done.

I'm an awful procrastinator and tend to have 'phases'. Along with this I'm juggling being a University Student of Biomedical Science (1st year!) and a jewellery making hobby/small online business. There might be a part time job in there too if I can get one. Yes, I like to keep myself busy. And still I find time to waste away watching far too much TV, films and facebooking.

The joys of me. So I'll be updating this page with some of my idea's, bits of my writing, my favourite films, books I'm reading and whatever else I can think of!

So for now, turrah.

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