Saturday, 7 January 2012

To Kindle, or not to Kindle.

So, I'm having a dilemma. 

I've been avoiding the subject of getting an E-reader of any kind for a while now. If someone said they had one, I'd nod my head and smile, but inside I'd be thinking, "I'm never going to get an E-reader... that would be like... betraying books in some kind of way."

I've always stuck by the ideology that holding a book, being able to smell the paper and the print, is a far superior way to read than any electronic device.

Of course this opinion, like all good opinions, was based entirely from one side of the argument. I've never properly read anything on an E-reader, and I've only held one and that was in the store, so me saying that it's a 'far superior' is more than just a little biased.

However, I'm beginning to have second thoughts.

E-gads! Technology!


1. Price. The first thing that has made me begin to doubt myself is the price of some e-books, more specifically, the Kindle books from Amazon. 77p or to you Americans, about $1.20, was the cost of one of the books that I came across and my mouth hit the floor. Now I know that I'd have to cover the cost of the Kindle first, but with the amount of books that I buy, or better would like to buy, I have no doubt that I'd have saved that in about a year! 
2. Ease of transport. I take the train up and down from Uni every weekend, and end up carrying a small suitcase of clothes for washing, a laptop, and a large handbag with weekend work, my normal handbag stuff, and the book I'm currently reading. I know it wouldn't be a huge difference to my load. But every little helps when you're lugging it down the street! 

3. Desirability factor. ITS SHINY TECHNOLOGY AND I KIND OF WANT IT JUST BECAUSE I CAN. Ahem. Yes, quite so. 

4. I have some money lying around after Christmas that I know should go in the bank but it hasn't managed to get that far yet... 

5. Not all publishers have turned to E-books, so for those books that don't have an electronic counterpart I can still purchase in paperback, and get my fix that way!


1. Pride. I'm still quite stubborn with regard to my feeling of somehow betraying the printed word. Am I just being silly, or is this something someone else has thought about? 

2. I can't share. Me and mum would have a very similar taste in books, and we seem to end up reading the same book at the same time quite often. It makes for great fun, chasing each other around the house calling, "It's my turn to read now!", interspersed with, "I know what happens next!"
If anyone's the adult in our house it's me. Seriously.

3. I've heard they break easily. Especially the new ultra-thin one. Even with a case. And I think my heart would break if I spent that amount of money on something that would expire within two years.

I'm torn. Have any of you got E-readers, and if so, what do you think of them? Comments below please!

Sarah x


  1. Sara, thanks for joining the character blogfest. I'm excited to get to know you better :)

    I've been reluctant to get an e-reader too, but my hubby got me one for Christmas and I like it more than I thought I would. I can get behind books I can buy for 99 cents. But if I have the choice between an ebook for $10 and a real book for $10--I will choose real :)

  2. Yeah, I'm thinking it's the E-books that don't cost very much because they're on offer, or they're not well known that will be the reason that will make me buy it.

    If the books are dearer than Paperback, I'll get the real thing. I'll also get books that have sentimental value to me like series I'm reading, in paperback.

    I think my mind is almost made up, but I'm so frugal with my money I always like to think about a 'big' purchase for a few months to make sure it's actually what I want and not a whim!


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