Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The one about the Oscars and the writers block

I spent the whole of my exams and revision time desperately wanting to be free so that I could get settled down into my manuscript. I have officially been free for a week, but now I can't seem to write anything! It's so infuriating. I can't work out if this is because I really don't have a good grip on my plot, or if I'm just so zapped from my exams. It's not just a new phenomenon though, this always happens. When I really can't afford to spend time on my writing, it's all that I can think about. However, when I get my free time and sit down to write, a tumble weed blows across my keyboard. ARGH!

On another and brighter note, I've signed myself up for another Blogfest! The 'origin's' blogfest which is happening on the 13th of February. I can't wait for this one either. If you're interested, click on the button on the side of my page!

Also, the Oscar nominee's were announced earlier today, and although I'm happy that there are so many nominations for 'The Help' because that is an awesome book and film, I was very annoyed that Michael Fassbender didn't get a nomination for 'Shame'. Although the film isn't out yet in the UK, I have seen nothing but high praise for it. Not only was he predicted a nomination, but the award itself! I feel very annoyed that he's been snubbed (but when it comes to Fassbender, I am decidedly biased!). But hey, ho, that's Hollywood for you!

Sarah xx

EDIT: I have since seen Shame. Although the film itself is good (well made, well acted), I'm not sure if I enjoyed it. Its a very different style to your typical film. The subject matter is very disturbing also and if you have any qualms about nakedness, this won't be the film for you. It can't have been easy to be an actor in this film so Carey Mulligan and Michael Fassbender defiantly need more recognition than they're currently getting!

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