Sunday, 9 June 2013

Settling down... or not

I've recently started back into my WIP because summer's here and I finally have the time to do it now that Uni is over. Of course, when you have the time to do something you've really wanted to do, the inspiration suddenly skips off down the street and flips you off from a safe distance.

I'd already 15,000 words written but I was in desperate need of a refresh, so I decided that I would print out what I had already written and go through and edit bits and pieces as sort of a refresher. So I went and printed it all out and dug myself out a cute little binder to put it all in and sat down with my different colour pens.

Then, all hell broke loose. Now I know why every writers whose blog I've seen talking about editing SCREAMS: Don't edit before you've finished your first draft.

I just want to do this to my desk. (Which wouldn't work as my desk is against the wall but that's neither here nor there)

I thought the edit would settle me back into writing again, when I think what it's actually done is to put me off. 

I just feel so uninspired and uncreative.

Also, the weather's been really sunny and I've been lying outside soaking up the rays (and the burn). Ouch - contrary to popular belief, you can get sunburnt in Ireland.

Have you any tips or tricks to settling yourself into writing after a long break? Except NOT editing, I guess I've figured out that one all by myself. 

Sarah x


  1. Oddly enough, I DO edit as I go. Not tons... but a little bit. I like to write a chunk (10-20 pages) and then go back over it with a light eye for editing. That way I don't have so much work to do later.

    Also, I have a lot of good ideas after the initial rough draft, and don't want to risk forgetting them.

    But... other tips and tricks...


    Blogging sometimes helps me ease back into the writing mold. And sometimes I just have to force myself to sit down and write a page in my WIP... even if that page turns out awful, the best way to get back into writing for me is to just sit down and WRITE (and to keep it up, because each day gets easier).

    Hope it picks back up for you, soon!

    ~J.L. Schmidt

  2. I start thinking about the characters. Just mulling them over, imagining them in everyday scenarios, who says what, how so-and-so reacts. I go about my day with them in the back of my head. And then I start to conjure up increasingly bizarre circumstances for them--how far can I take them before they break? Somewhere in all that, I'm able to find direction; something "snaps to" and I see the actual story more clearly than before. It's like I get an "aha!" moment and know what to do next in my writing.


  3. Two things:

    First I love this post and pic! It's such a perfect illustration of what it's like when you write sometimes. My response to your question is this: I pick a time when I'm least likely to be bothered, annoyed or irritated and then I turn off everything that beeps and makes demanding noises and I write. I don't make big edits, I do use the delete key at times (sorry, I can't help it), and I just go until my times up. When I finish my work it's a bigger project but after I've set it aside for a minute editing is way more doable. Don't give up.

    Secondly, I love your site and I came over from A to Z and wanted to let you know I'm doing a series of posts on blogs I liked from the challenge and yours will go live next Wednesday. Here's a link to it:…o-z-bloggers-3/

    I'll be back keep up the great content.


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