Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Gotta love me some Hookers!

Well that title's bound to get some views...
(sorry this is late!)

So, I know I've been absent, but so has my brain. With moving Uni house, and mum deciding to redecorate most of our house, my muse seems to have gotten lost in the mess. Its so infuriating, because it's summer, and this is when I have the most time to write and I just can't seem to be able to do it!

Reading my WIP hookers... they don't seem very... hook-ish to me. If I'm completely honest, I'd never really taken a good close look at the beginning and endings of my chapters before now! If nothing else, these two posts will be an exercise in being more... hook-ey?

Chap 1 - "Thief!"
Chap 2 - Panic grabs hold of my throat and I can’t breathe.
Chap 3 - There are no windows in this godsforsaken prison. 

I'm sure I have other hookers floating about the place, but this post is late so I just better get it out here quick!

See you, tomorrow, I guess for the hangers!

Sarah x


  1. Better late than never my dear! These do accomplish good voice. Well done!

  2. #1 supposed to read 'Thief', or it that a name?

    1. *sigh*

      It's supposed to say Thief.

      No matter how many times I proof read anything, there's always something that slips through! Thanks for spotting that!

    2. No worries, I'm hideously dyslexic, so I know your pain ;)

      the worst is when I write a line... that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever ;)

  3. Great lines - punchy & to the point. I like a good mixture of sentence lengths, and short beginning lines seem to be some of my favourites to write lately.

  4. Excellent hookers, all three left me wanting to know more. Great job. :D

  5. Don't worry about the down time and lack of writing - sometimes life just gets in the way and that's okay ... inspiration and all that:)

    Great lines ... love Ch.3 I want to know more!

  6. I think your hookers are great.

    I know what you mean about this blogfest being eye opening regarding openings and final lines. We usually focus on the opening line of chapter one. We forget they're important for the rest of the chapters, too.

  7. I like number three. Your hooks are great, and yeah, I found this bloghop to be eye popping when it came to my own manuscript.

  8. Once you've posted your hangers, you'll have to remind me to check 'em out 'cause they're not up yet and I may forget to stop by again!


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