Saturday, 31 December 2011

My 2012 Resolutions

My New Year's resolutions. I guess writing them down might make me stick to them a bit better!

1. Work harder in my degree - I'm studying Biomedical science. Why, you may ask, when I like writing so much? Well, because I've never thought myself very good at it. Not enough to make a career out of anyway, so my next love was science, and there should always be jobs out there for someone with my kind of degree. I've become very lazy at it recently though, only doing the bare minimum. I know that's the same for a lot of students, but I don't want to be just another student. I want to do well, and that will involve a little more elbow grease!

2. Stay away from Fanfiction - Not reading of course, I'll never stop that. No, I mean writing it. I get caught up in movies and books that I want to write my own ending/continuation, and my original ideas get side-swiped. There's nothing wrong with it, but then I get caught up in who's reading and leaving reviews, and sticking to a ridiculous chapter posting schedule that either destroys my sleeping pattern or means I dodge school work which really shouldn't happen.

3. Read more - I used to go through loads and loads of books in a year, but 2011 was a very slow year, and I probably can count them all using just my fingers, and that's not like me. Here's hoping 2012 goes better for me!

4.  Watch my tongue - I have this awful habit of speaking before I think about the consequences. I say things for comic effect or to big myself up, without considering who they might hurt. I had an incident a few weeks ago with a close friend and it really woke me up. She's very assertive, and called me out on my crap. It just made me think, who else have I upset who was too shy/polite to speak out? Engage brain before mouth this year.

5. Get fit and healthy - I guess this is on everyones lists. In the last year, very slowly, I've lost about a stone and a half of weight. It's not that I'm unhappy with the way I look. No, I became comfortable with my body image a few years ago after struggling with it through most of my teenage years. No, it's that my being overweight is probably the reason I have a few health problems. They're not serious, but I would quite like them sorted out, so I can feel a bit more normal. I've made a recent discovery that my University house is only about 5 minutes away from a gym, so I'm going to make a push to try and visit it a few times a week.

6. Put more effort into my Sunday school lessons - I'm a Sunday school teacher. It's a real privilege to work with kids but recently I've been in the mindset of 'can't be bothered' and instead of teaching them we just play games. I'm also struggling to hold their attention in the 30 minute lessons. I guess every sort of teacher has to battle with this so I guess it's just a case of 'buck up, chuck!'.

Whatever sort of year 2011 has been for you, I hope 2012 brings you happiness!

Sarah xx


  1. That's a really ambitious list! Good luck with your goals!

  2. (BTW, I followed you over here from Janice Hardy's blog, in case you were wondering.)

  3. Joe, congratulations on being the first person to comment on my blog! And yes, it's an ambitious list, but it's wouldn't be a challenge if it was easy!


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