Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year's Writing Resolutions!

So I'm hoping to get a few things done this year in the way of writing!

1) Finish my Prince of Persia Fanfic.

I've only started it, but I've already been uploading it to If you're interested in fanfiction and that sort of thing for movies, tv shows, games, books, then that's your best bet! I wonder what the word count on that site is! There are literally hundreds of thousands of stories, so the word count would be well into the millions, maybe even billions!

If you're interested in the Prince of Perisa fic, then check it out here:

I have every intention of finishing this, even though I can never guarantee that. But I have two weeks after my exams (Which start the 10th January, and I'm messing around with Fanfiction, am I insane? - Probably.)

2) Finish Avatar fic. I started this well over a year ago, and was uploading it, again, to but a lot of things got in the way. There was A levels, Part-time job, boyfriend and a whole bunch of other stuff and I just couldn't fit it in. But I have over 25,000 words written on it and I'm hoping that I can pick it back up, finish it, and post it up so that all the people who were reading it will finally get some closure! I'll give it a try in my two weeks off.

About those two weeks off. Have you ever been to a really big Library? I have, the one at my University is huge, and it has loads of snug little corners which I can secret myself away in to get writing done.

I love the Library, I find it so easy to work there! So once all the hard exam work is done, I'll be taking myself there every day to work on my stories!

3) Get another chunk of my original novel done. I'm already three chapters into this Medieval based story, but as always the fanfiction voices in my head got in the way as they demanded that their story be told. What can I say, the characters that I fanfic about have such large personalities that they dwarf my own humble creations.

So, three new years writing for you! Let hope I stick to them!

Oh, and I now have started my personal twitter again. You can follow me @Woffles92

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